Retro House Ricatech

Leading the Retro Electronic Market for more than a decade, Ricatech leaves no stone unturned to advocate high-end luxury retro electronics in the Global Market and have launched their first self-developed Jukebox a long time ago. Ricatech has been creating a global buzz in the retro and vintage electronic field. We develop exclusive, high quality, luxury jukeboxes.

Our Heritage

Ricatech is well-known for re-introducing retro lifestyle products enhanced with the latest technological luxuries. For a decade we built our business around jukebox making. All our exclusive jukeboxes are hand made in the renowned Rock-Ola factory in Los Angeles, USA. They work with the experienced craftsmen and technicians. It became an irreversible tradition for Ricatech to design limited edition luxury Jukeboxes as a tribute to celebrated legends.

Limited Edition Elvis Presley Jukebox

The legacy lives on. Ricatech is the worldwide exclusive licensee of the Elvis Presley Jukeboxes. This jukebox, with it’s dancing bubbles and rotating color cylinders reflect the free American spirit of the 50’s.

Iconic Playboy Jukebox

Music and pleasure have always gone together and this jukebox is the perfect symbiosis, creating a statement of pleasure and sophistication. It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and the ultimate nostalgic expression of an iconic brand.

Inspiring Indian Economy

The Indian consumer market has seen a rapid growth especially regarding luxury goods. Perhaps not entirely, but the rise of the higher middle class is responsible for the immense growth in demand for luxury goods. The success of the Elvis Presley Jukebox triggered Ricatech to create a jukebox for the renowned Indian Superstar Amitabh Bachchan. In 2016, after personally negotiating with the Mr. Bachchan and his management, Ricatech gained the exclusive world-wide license to produce the unique Amitabh Bachchan Jukebox and other consumer electronics.